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Sunbathing has a lot of benefits such as reducing your blood pressure and building your immune system, and it can also reduce depression.The best timing to take sunbath is before 8 in the morning and after 5 in the evening because that is when the sun rays are not very harsh. Try to sound bathe between 10-20min max.


Word on the street is that, “ a walk day, extends your life,” and I believe it. Walking is boosts your energy and gets your heart pumping. It also increases your mood. Try walking around your neighbor and look at the beautiful flowers your neighbors are growing, or even take a walk on the beach and admire the power waves God created for us.


Who doesn't love a good read. What are your interests? Is it Tennis? Cats? Maybe Marie Antionette? Let me be the first and last to tell you, there is a book for that. There is literally a book on everything you can think of. Reading helps you escape to another world. You get time away from your phone and specifically the famous Social Media. Make that time for yourself and learn something new.


One thing I have learned during this pandemic is that we can all be chefs! We actually have the time and luxury to learn how to make new meals and bake blue berry pies (My new specialty). I realize that cooking and baking is therapeutic and you feel good when the meal tastes delicious and im sure your family will love it.


I know, I know…book a hotel? During..all of this? Um, yes do it, and I promise you it is worth it! I am not encouraging to fly across the country, just a simple staycation will do. It will help you get away and refresh with out having to actually, “Get Away.” When looking for a hotel call ahead of time and check the accommodations so that you know it fits for you. I usually call and ask, “ What are the precautions is this hotel taking during Covid-19?” And from there you can decide if that is the hotel you prefer. Also check and see if there are any good restaurants around to order in or to get take out and have a night in or at the beach. There are so many ways to make it work during this time and still be safe.


Yes, Call your mother! I call my mom every single day, call my dad once a week, and speak to my grandparents, I miss them a ton. Do not forget that our family gets lonely, and they will be so happy to hear from you.


I have so many unfinished hobbies, how about you? I still haven’t finished crocheting my scarf (its been three year), been wanting to pick up on playing the violin and piano, and singing..

Anyways, I know you have a couple of talents that you’ve been holding back on or hesitate to try again, and this is the perfect time to dip back into it. Here is the sign you have been waiting for. GET TO IT.


Speaking of hobbies, I used to do a lot of yoga in my early 20’s and I was truly centered and accepting of my life then. I encourage you to look into it and give it a try. Yoga will change your life, it is relaxing, you get some flexibility, and you learn how to eliminate everything surrounding you and be in that EXACT moment. And it honestly feels AMAZING.


Exercising doesn’t have to be as intense as it sounds. A light jog, lifting 5 lbs weights, and doing 25 jumping jacks count. Accommodate what works for you and wants you get a routing going you will want to push yourself more. Consistency is all that matters. Exercising gives you energy, makes you feel great about yourself and it does justice for your body. Take care of it!


Juicing is one of the best things I have came across. There are so many benefits to juicing I will have to make a separate blog to explain. I am pretty simple and make my orange juice with a splash of lime and cayenne. It wakes me up in the morning better than coffee could ever. Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do, the nutrients and vitamins are extracted from the fruit and go straight into your bloodstream. Feed your body what is deserves. You will feel amazing I promise you.

I hope you enjoyed these tips Mermaid! Happy relaxing, wear a mask and stay safe!

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