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A Trip To The Bay

I am in love. The fresh air, the greenery, the Victorian homes, and might I add the the DELICIOUS food! San Francisco is where I will be living at some point of my life. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was definitely a dream of mine, not only was I in a surreal realm of beauty, but I was also surrounded by people I love to share this experience with. Every house had a character in the picture that I posted favorite color is pastel aqua blue-ish color, so I just had to get a picture in from of a home that represented me. I am attracted to these homes because they remind me of a Barbie Talking TownHouse, I was that girl growing up who loved her barbies and baby dolls and created a whole town surrounding them in my room. So that is how I felt, a Barbie doll surrounded by a beautiful city.

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