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Belize Me!

Traveling completes me. I am from the United States and I have been to a total of 10 states so far, and have traveled out of the country a total of four times thus far. Ever since I was a child I have always loved road trips with my family and the comfortability of flying on a plane being pampered. I was once even inspired to be pilot when flying to Hawaii when I was merely 11 years old. I do admit I have been privileged of flying first class when traveling out of the country which is my forte because I love a cocktail before the plane even takes off! Today want to tell you mermaids about an amazing trip I went on with my mother a couple of years ago. It was to a beautiful place named Belize. My mother has been there before me a couple of times and invited me to go with her one summer and now I am hooked, I went again the year after. First of all let me take you back to my mental space back in 2013/14ish. I had just got of a bad break up & I was struggling to focus on studying for my nursing boards. This trip came just in time. We took a total of three flights to get to our destination. First we landed in Argentina, then we made it to Belize City, and a couple days later we took a smaller plane (seriously, I was sitting next to the pilot, that small) which took us to a smaller Island where I learned how to play the drums and got to perform that night what I learned! Anyways, back to Belize City. My mom knows people over there so we stayed with a family friend and he gave us a tour of the city and had such great hospitality and cooked for us. my favorite thing to do was to wake up early enough to watch the sun rise on the roof top over looking a creek drinking a cocktail (I was on vacation don’t judge me). He then took us to a water taxi where it took us to a tourist island called Caye Caulker. It was simply beautiful with the bright and pastel homes, and the aroma smelled of sand and barbecue from the small restaurants lined up on the shore. My mother and I went straight for the water, okay I lied, we went straight to the bar and I ordered a watermelon margarita and THEN we went straight to the water.

I was rocking faux locs then so my nickname out there was “Rasta Gal” which I loved. One of the best parts of this trip was that I kept my phone off the entire time and just had a blast connecting with my mother and nature, all I needed was my camera and I was good to go. i still have that batman bikini that is shown in the picture above, isn‘t is cute! I have always tried to make it a goal to leave the country every year since this Belize trip, it is a great way to recharge. Even if it isn’t going abroad, make it an appoint to go somewhere, may it be an hour away or a “staycation” make time for you boo! You deserve it! Belize me, it’s worth it.

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