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Craft Session on a $10 Budget

(Written 2/17/21)

Now, I know that I am not the only one who loves a splurge at the Dollar Tree, and if I am you are totally missing out. So I went the other day and saw a cute wreath with faux leaves and thought...omg I want to make my own wreath and this is the perfect place for supplies.

Not only does the Dollar Tree have a great supply of faux flowers, but they also have different styles and sizes of the faux garlands and wreaths so that you can create one of your own! It isn't spring yet, but you know how stores are, rushing the seasons at us, so here I am rushing it at you!

Okay so my wreath in total costs about 10 dollars. I bought the actual wreath itself, 5 faux flowers, and 3 faux leaf garlands. No hot glue needed, but if you want to I‘m sure it would look great.

I wrapped the faux garlands around the wreath and tied them together. After, I cut pieces of my faux flowers and intertwined it within the wreath which worked out perfectly, it didn't take much force at all. I live a bit close to the beach and the wind has not made this wreath fall apart at all.

It is fun to just put on a great podcast or some classical music and getting creative. Takes your mind off of the anxieties of the world and off of the social media hypnotizer for a bit. Enjoy crafting Mermaid!

-Mermaid Jordie

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