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Dapper Day At Disneyland

Any chance to dress up at Disneyland is EVERY reason for me to go! This is my second Dapper day that I've attended. My challenge this time was to not by a $100 outfit from Amazon, but rather look in closet and go thrifting and see what I can come up with! My mom gave me this idea because she says I have a shopping problem 😬😬.

So the items I already had on hand were my pin striped pants (thrifted), my loafers, Chewbacca socks, and my vintage hat I wore at the last dapper day that I attended.

Items I bought included, white collared shirt, (thrifted for $3) and suspenders ($14)! So this $100 dollar "vintage" look I was going to buy off of Amazon ended up just $17! And cute fresh look.

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