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Easy DIY Disney Ears

These Sunflower Disney Ears were made in under 15min! So simple and easy, here are the steps.

Materials Needed:

- Four Faux Sunflowers with leaves

- Blank Head Band

- Hot Glue Gun

(Dress linked below & on sale!)


Step 1: Peel of leaves from the stem of the faux flower, they come off pretty easily and you can take the stems off of the leaves also so that it is more flexible.

Step 2: With a hot glue gun attach and wrap the leaves the to headband as desired.

Caution: If you never used a hot glue gun please read instructions and refer to an instruction guide/video on Youtube!

Step 3: Once leaves have dried, attach two sunflowers on each side of the headband and hot glue them down.

And that’s it! Can you believe it? You can Ofcourse add more flowers if desired, But it is the perfect last minute statement that you can create within 15min. Enjoy and share! Linked Video:

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