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Moon Child

Mermaid Lavaliere has new arrivals available! I love these pieces because the moon is such a sacred creation. Just looking at it calms the heart. I thank God so much for a beautiful making. I have a saying that I use to say, " I don't just sun bathe, I moon bathe," which is very therapeutic to sit under the stars and moon and meditate. So how do Mermaid's and the Moon correlate? There are myths that Mermaids wore "Moonstones" in the form of necklaces, and the full moon has such an impact on these creatures. Because a Mermaid loves her jewelry, these Druzy crescent shaped charms are attached to a gold vermeil chain which makes jewelry more durable in water without the tarnish that is done to gold filled or plated jewelry. I will go into the differences of gold plating in my next blog. For now, enjoy your fine jewelry Mermaid, you deserve "Beauty from Underneath".

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