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Morning Sip

It’s a new year! And black history month at that. I’ve switched up my morning sip since my last blog. Now a days I am loving English breakfast tea. I havent done much reading with my morning sip, lately I have been working on my jewelry line early in the morning while I enjoy my tea. I like to sweeten it with agave ( the syrup not tequila 😉).

It is black history month so it only makes since to use a mug that resembles that! I have a major obsession with mugs. Each mug has its own personality and sets the mood for my days It came to point that when I lived at my mom’s house she told me, “enough is enough!” Regarding my overpopulating collection. This mug is special to me because I got it from New Orleans, specially the airport gift shop, but it is so charismatic and beautifully detailed! I love the piano keys as the handle, the black beautiful men playing instruments, & the vibrant colors representing our black culture. This whole mug is MOOD! What is your morning sip Mermaid?

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