Moving Tips:

Moving is so easy, said no one EVER. I am totally exhausted, I admit I didn’t do a lot of the lifting but just the thought of moving and the driving back and forth is just tiring! So tip number one.

1. Get you a man (or two)

Like seriously get some help when moving. It is already stressful enough packing up all of your things and sorting the boxes and setting the appointment for the U-haul. Get you some amazing friends that are willing to help out.

2. Give yourself extra time

I am such a procrastinator so I moved in a week earlier just so that I can take my time with the packing. If that is not an option for you get started packing as soon as you can, set up a schedule for yourself on which days you are packing what a week before the big move.

3. Set aside a budget

It can already be a budget crunch, you just paid your deposit, rented the U-haul, & purchased some new furniture, so setting a budget aside is essential on moving day. Why? The first week of moving I survived off Von’s fried chicken and pasta salad. Set a side a budget for spending money on food. The exhaustion of moving can make it easy for you to just want to pick up some fast-food or take out. Which is totally understandable and deserving!

Also set aside money for gas, the driving back and forth from your old place to your new spot can use it up fast!

4. Relax

Try not to pressure yourself. Your new spot does not need to be to be lavish the first few days you move in. Even the first few weeks. Take your time to really digest the space and creating a new a fresh vibe to it.

This Blog is pretty short but to the point. I can’t wait to show you guys some sneak peaks of this new space I can now call home, and it will definitely have fall decor all over the place too! I hope all is well Mermaid!

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