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Updated: Aug 16

Hair Porosity

Hi there Mermaid! Today let’s talk about it, our hair! Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or kinky, it is YOURS. I will talk about ways to further understand your crown and tips on how to care for it. Trust me, I am learning as I am going just as you are, so let’s get to it.

Hair Porosity

Knowing your hair porosity is a key factor in haircare. Such a thing will help you choose the right hair products, and whether your hair needs a lot moisture or doesn’t need as much. What is hair porosity? Well this test lets you know how well your hair can absorb and hold moisture. Porosity shows you how porous your hair cuticle is.

How do you test your hair porosity level? Simply use a clean strand of hair and put it in a glass of water. Wait about five minutes and check the level in which your strand of hair is floating. Below is a picture of the results of the float test:

Low Porosity:

Your hair is floating near or above the water of the glass. Your hair is not as susceptible to retain moisture. It includes characteristics of having a dry texture and difficulty keeping a wet texture. Product buildup is a result of not being able to absorb certain water soluble products.

Do’s: HEAT! As a natural this is a tip I was not expecting, but heat helps to lock in that moisture that your hair needs. Now, I am not talking about flat iron your hair every day, but instead use heating caps when doing a deep conditioning, & try hot oil treatments.

Keep it simple, your hair does not three different products all at once, it will not be able to absorb all of those products at once.

Dont’s: Avoid heavy products and oils, build up is prone to this hair type.

Medium Porosity:

These hair cuticles float in the middle of the glass and can retain enough hydration, but this type does require deep nourishment. This type of hair needs the least maintenance compared to the other two levels because it holds styles easily.

Do’s: Protect hair from the sun! Leave in conditioner spray is one of your best friends and also protective styles including a head wrap or hat.

Stay away from Chemicals. It will damage your hair cuticles and your hair will become high porosity, which will involve higher maintenance.

Dont’s: Do not over use products, your hair does not need as much work done, you will just weaken your hair.

High Porosity:

These cuticles are sunken to the bottom of the glass, they tend to get and stay wet easily, but it also tends to get tangled easily. This porosity can be a result of heat and chemical damage from coloring. This type of hair is known to be very dry despite retaining too much moisture which causes a lot of split ends.

Do’s: MOISTURIZE! Leave in conditioners and sealants such as apple cider vinegar or aloe vera, are your go to, to keep moisture locked in.

Detangle your hair with care, your hair is more susceptible to breakage, use oil on your finger tips and start from the ends.

Dont’s: Stay away from the heat, as tempting as it can be you want to give your hair a break from the flat iron and high heat level of the blowdryer.

Here I have listed products that each porosity level is drawn too and works great with your hair:


These Products are great to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized!


These Products help keep a balanced moisture in your hair.


These Products are key to locking in moisture.

Hair porosity is such a key concept to us Naturals! It helps knowing because it saves money when buying products. I know it is convenient to go to a Target or Amazon to purchase these products, however, there are so many Black owned hair supply stores that have these products, and they understand our hair can lead us in the right direction toward its care. I have made it appoint to only go to such stores! Maybe you can make it a goal too. Here are my favorite hair supply stores in Southern California:

Friday’s Beauty Supply-

1528 S Wilmington Ave. Compton, Ca. 90220.

Adaora Beauty Supply-

13052 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, Ca. 90250

Tell them MermaidJordie sent you :)

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