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My Morning Sip

Are you a morning person? Growing up I always said I was, but now I am realizing that I’m a partime morning person. It really depends on the day, weather, and if I had enough sleep the night before. Your start of the day is really important to have a great day as a whole. I love to get up and put on my pastel blue robe and slippers, boil the pot and make some tea or coffee. It can be the simple things that start your day off right and put you in a good mood. Self care does always have to be a face mask with mimosas. It can be as simple as making time for yourself in the morning before getting to work or school, to have YOU time. Those moments matter to me, and it is even better when I have time to work on a hobby such as crocheting, jewelry making, or going on Pinterest for ideas for interior decor. As of now my Morning Sip includes coffee and reading a book about Marie Antionette.

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