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Officially A Foodie

The Urban Foodie Experience is one experience I will not forget! Let‘s start off with the location, Carson, Ca. I love Carson I was raised there and they had their foodie event in the heart of the city. I walked up to the event and as I walked closer and closer I could smell the aroma of barbecue and the laughter of people with music playing in the background. I met my brother and sister-in-law there and they had already got started! Let me tell you, when I looked at the table I got goo-goo eyes for some oysters! These are not just ordinary oysters, take a look for yourself.

These oysters were dressed to PERFECTION. I never been an oyster person, the last time I had an oyster was about 10 years ago and the texture just made me feel squirmy, “Mussels & Pearls,” changed that experience for me!

Next, I of course had to get me some lemonade! This time I had gotten the mango lemonade which was so refreshing, I always crave some, “Pucker Up,” lemonade.

The owner is the sweetest, she remembers who you are and has a contagious smile that makes you feel welcomed. And yes I remembered my reusable cup this time! I turned around and noticed that literally EVERYONE had their lemonade cup which made me so proud to see the growth of this lemonade company! Make sure you stop by there store front at 723 E. Compton Blvd, Compton, CA 9022 & tell them that MermaidJordie sent you!

Now this next booth I went to I had gotten so many to-go boxes. “Sauzalito Fish Tacos,” had tacos for the low and options for those who do not eat meat or fish. I got the fish tacos and the eggplant just to give it a try. I enjoyed the fish taco, you can never go wrong with that option. The eggplant taco was loaded with flavor and so delicious. I do wish their sauce was spicier because I love me some spice but they did a great job and the customer service was super friendly! Their booth was pretty crowded the whole time I was at the food market.

Follow @Urbanfoodieexperience on Instagram to check out when their next food market is and enjoy the music, food, and laughter that come with joy of the experience.

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