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Quarantine Check In

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

How is social distancing for y’all? First off, my heart goes out to everyone who are in the front lines and those at home who are taking it day by day just trying to figure this thing out. Besides work, recently the way I release some of the stress is through painting. I still have canvases laying around and I figure why not! I also try to catch a belly dance class here and there via zoom which is a great workout and fun to do, (check her page out @bellydance_mar via Instagram)! I mean honestly I’ve been a bum some days in sweats and hair not done, then other days I decide to put on my lashes and get cute just because! Yesterday my boyfriend and I drove the coast to Malibu and just enjoyed the fresh & salty air from the ocean and the delicious takeout seafood. Look, there is no such thing as a perfect quarantine we are all trying to figure this thing out. So you just have to make it work without driving yourself crazy ya know? Put God first and check on your family & friends...& love them. Do not take any day for granted. If you need a friend, I’m here for you Mermaid💕 Stay healthy and safe!

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