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ALRIGHT let’s go over this movie, for those that love it or hate it, Just hear me out. I overall enjoyed this filmed and want to go over the pros and cons let me know if you agree or not.



Like everyone else, I was skeptical and nervous about Robert Patterson being the new Vigilante. However, I am impressed. Let me clarify, I am impressed with him as The Batman, not Bruce Wayne. Me and cousin dissected this point, Him as Batman gave me 1992 BATMAN: ANIMATED SERIES vibes! very serious and monotoned, and dark. The ambiance of Gotham gave me Tim Burton’s version of Batman. Michael Keaton is my overall favorite, he was able to be the dark mysterious Bat and also a lovable Bruce Wayne. That, I didn’t get from Patterson’s Batman, as my cousin said, she didn’t get to know him as Bruce Wayne. He wasn’t lovable in that sense, even in the film the politician and upcoming mayor Real, wanted him to be more involved in donating to the city which usually that is what he is know and appreciated for. So this shows we are getting a new type of Bruce Wayne that maybe we didn’t ask for? Or maybe just one that we don’t understand YET.

Batman: Animated Series,1992

Gotham, Tim Burton Film, 1989

2.Realism in characters

I have to be honest with you, the realism in these characters impressed me, specifically with Penguin. We weren’t given the creepy Oswald from 1992, which no shame to Danny DeVito, I honestly love him, its just that The Penguin has always been a caricature of himself and I never took him seriously but this time I did. HE WAS AN ACTUAL PERSON.

1992 Oswald, From Batman Returns

I also was nervous about the riddler because he is one of my favorite villains, Jim Carrey was the only one for me! But I honestly loved this take on the Riddler, he didn’t try to be like Carrey, he made the riddler his own which I appreciate and doing that gave a fresh look to the villain himself. I was on the edge of seat, his character was balanced with the believable psychotic breaks, mystery and no wacky costume, Riddler was a PERSON.



Another point my cousin brought up which I totally agree with is the fact that Falcone is Catwoman’s daughter….like.. WHY? It didn’t heighten the climax and it was really confusing. He knew her as Bianca..were him and his daughter in a romantic relationship without him knowing who she was? Um CREEPS. And how the heck does a father not know that’s his kid! I’m sorry all of that was just not necessary, and simply weird with no closure or clarity.


This movie was super long, we live in a world of Tik Tok and scrolling, and they expect people to sit and watch a 2hr 56m long film with no intermission?! That’s why musicals and plays have intermissions, they know we need to pee!

All in all, I enjoyed the film, kept it short because we have small attention spans, let me know what you think.

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