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Sunday Routine/Self-Care Tips:

Loving Sundays seems like it has been on trend for a while on social media, but its been my whole life loving Sundays and let me explain.

1) Praising God.

My goal is to praise Jehovah God every day but it's something about Sundays and waking up making a fresh pot of tea or coffee, logging into that zoom meeting and getting some spiritual food from the Bible to start off my day.

2) Facials.

My grandmother told since I was in grade school that, "Sundays are for your face." Since then I have picked up this "self-care" trend and really tackling my acne scars with a home remedy face mask that I might have and even tweezing unwanted hair on my brows and upper lip.

3) Bless your home.

Now, My Mother would say growing up that Sundays are house blessing days. She will then turn up some music from the 90s and everyone in the house would be cleaning and doing laundry getting ready for the School and work week. Me being the person that I am have decided to work on one part in particular to focus on at a time on a Sunday. For example: Cleaning out the closet on a Sunday and the next Sunday will be the refrigerator. So I am still following the rules mother! If your curious: Today my focus of my desk.

3) Catching Up On Podcasts Or Reality Shows.

If you don't know by now I am a podcast and reality show junkie and some weeks I don't have time to watch or listen live. So I use Sundays to catch up on it all. Usually while im doing my facial or cleaning is when I'm listening to the podcasts. When I take a lunch break I watch a show or two to catch up and leave the rest for later the evening.

4) Get Creative.

I like to fill up the day with creative work. Today I chose blogging, taking and editing pictures. Last week I made a homemade wreath which I will share soon, it is perfect for spring! So find your niche, work on your English dialect, read a Romance novel, paint, draw, or even write a poem. While doing something creative I love to listen to classical music, it is so beautiful and keeps my brain flowing with ideas and is so inspirational. Maybe next Sunday I will focus on playing the keyboard.

5) Catch Up With Family.

I love to visit my Mother's house on Sundays and guess, " The Real Housewives of Atlanta," I can't make this up! Call Grandma and Papa, Text your cousins and just let them know that you love them. Its been a stressful past year and they will be thrilled to hear from you.

6) Make Your Own Traditions.

Of course my list isn't the Sunday Bible of self-care, but it gives you an idea on how to put your needs first and regroup for the week. So put your phone down and get off of Instagram and enjoy your Sunday, you deserve it Mermaid!

-Mermaid Jordie

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