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The Perfect Jeans: Perfect for Summer, & Ready For Fall!

Jeans shopping can be complicated. We all know the struggle of trying to find a pair that fits in the length and snugs comfortably around the waist.

My favorite pair of jeans right now are from H&M. They have such a great collection with a lot of variety, and they are more than reasonably priced with great quality. In this post I am wearing H&M's, Mom High Ankle Jeans. It is the most comfortable jeans, I can literally fall asleep in them and STAY asleep. (I usually hate falling asleep in jeans, I can't be the only one).

They are a perfect fit for all sizes. I am 5'7 and these jeans hug my waist comfortably, jeans are true to size, and the pre-cuffed bottoms lay right above my ankles. I just love the vintage look with a modern comfortable feel that come from these pair of pants.

I have linked below the jeans! Enjoy!

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