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The Perfect Disney California Adventure Trip an Tips

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Is a "Perfect" Disney trip really possible? Well, it depends on you define it. For me a perfect Disney Trip involves going on rides, eating good food and character interaction. This is exactly how my latest Disney trip went. So lets start!

I went to Disneyland with my group of passholders friends and we had a game plan. Once we got to the park we purchased our Disney Genie, it is worth the $20-$25 because you are paying for your time being saved. We started off at Disney California Adventure, so the first ride we reserved was Guardians of the Galaxy. We ordered ahead for lunch so when we entered the pearly gates of DCA, our food was ready for pick up. It was my first time eating at Pym Test and I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich with an iced cold brew. I had no idea that the foods there are in quirky sizes! I give my sandwich a 8/10, the chicken was TOO crispy.

We saw so many characters at Avengers Campus, here is the list: Gamora, Spiderman, Black Panther, Dora Milaje and her warriors, Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Widow, and Shang Chi!

After the amazing character interaction, we decided to try DCA's most delicious drink yet. It is the 100th Disney Celebration: Watermelon-Cotton Candy Mimosa, it might sound like it is too sweet but it was so delicious and refreshing! You also get to keep the drinkware! (priced at $20, totally worth it)

While we sipped on our mimosas, we waited in line for the Incredicoaster ride. That line always goes by fast so we did standby. Afterwards interacted with more characters and got on my favorite ride: Guardians of the Galaxy.

The perfect Disney Trip depends on what you want to accomplish before heading home. and for us we checked off everything, in a timely matter, with the help of Disney Genie. I'm looking forward to our next trip!


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