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Winter Vacay

Most people look forward Summer vacation. The sun, ocean, & blended margaritas are worth the wait! Me, however, I look forward to Winter vacation. Every year since the late 90‘s my family started a winter tradition of going to Carlsbad, Ca. It’s about 30 minutes away before getting to San Diego. It’s pretty funny because we all mostly live about 30 minutes away from each other, but we really only see each other once a year in Carlsbad. We stay there for a week and just bond with cooking, eating, drinking, and watching movies or sports. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the pool & jacuzzi & went thrift shopping after. Toward the night, the older cousins and our uncle watched the “Avengers Endgame,” afterward we started to reminisce about the old times growing up at grandma‘s house. It was funny because most of us are almost 30 so the stories are even more funny with a glass of White Hennessy. I love vacations because it is really time to reconnect with family and see where everyone is at in their life. Starting off the tradition as little children and now being adults in our mid 20’s is quite a transition. The older boys are married now, and I am an aunty now! Lately I have been the one to choose the movie for the trip that we will see, I think it was last year when we saw, “Fences,” by August Wilson & this year I chose, “Cats,” which was Interesting. I love musicals, I am a theatre major, so I was very excited to see this theatre musical transformed into a musical movie.

I would see the movie again, but me and family did do a lot of laughing at the cat/humans. The dancing was beautiful and Jennifer Hudson STOLE the whole movie, however, storyline was lost to me I am still a bit confused on each character’s story. I find that Andrew Lloyd Webber does that on purpose because I have watched, “The Phantom of The Opera,” dozens of time, scene it live twice, watched the black and white film, & read the Gaston Lerox Novel, and still find something about each character. All this to say, I am sure my family will not have me choose next year‘s movie! To me family vacation is all about the bonding regardless of a great movie or not. Tomorrow we are checking out of the resort and going to breakfast at the same spot we usually do & end the travel with some shopping. I can not wait for next year‘s Winter vacation already!

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