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You Deserve It EVERYDAY:

I post a lot on Instagram about taking a bubble bath everyday and some people wonder how I have the time to lather as often as I do and just soak away my problems. I use to “treat” myself every Sunday or atleast once a week to a bubble bath, but one day I realized, I’m worth more than that. This topic may seem silly but even just taking a dip in the hot tub makes me a better person and helps me love myself more. I add some epsom salt or essential oils in the water, (and of course bubble solution), play my classical music, bring a gossip magazine or novel with me, and just SOAK. It feels so good to escape! Sometimes dimming the lights & having a candle burn with some music is just an amazing feeling. (Just don’t fall asleep!!) I’m guilty of It. All of this to say, YOU are worth it & yes we have busy lives, we have jobs, families, responsibilities, but before that you have YOURSELF to take care of. Does it have to be a bath? No, that’s just my way of escape. Maybe painting or working out, maybe even dancing releases your stress. DO IT. Everyday. You deserve it Mermaid.

- Mermaidjordie

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