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Amoeba Music, San Francisco

The last stop of this amazing Bay trip was to a music store named, “Amoeba Music.” There is one is Los Angeles, but I have never been to that one which I need to make an appoint to. This store is a big open space filled with vinyls, CD’s, DVD’s, and retro posters hanging every where. I could literally spend all day in this store. They have awesome deals, vinyls running from $50 to $1. I found the Show tunes section and was in literal musical theatre heaven. I found two versions of, “The Wiz,” movie & broadway version, “A Chorus Line,” which has started my theatre journey in 2013. I also found, “Flash Dance,” which is an 80’s movie and was my nickname in nursing school. They a deal going on that if You buy 3 vinyls the fourth is free, but only the red tags which where $1-$3. The most my choices cost separately was $6 and the cheapest free because I got four altogether! I am now inspired to start a vinyl collection of show tunes, and yes I do have a record player to play them on which makes my mornings better when I give it a whirl.

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