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Day1: pescatarian lifestyle dinner idea

Who else is looking for a healthier lifestyle diet? I used to be vegetarian and then vegan years ago but decided to go back to including meat and dairy back into my diet because of my drastic weight loss. I have to be honest too that I wasn’t the best vegan. I ate a lot of processed food and ate a lot of Oreos 😅. Years later I have become more health conscious and want to eventually go back to being vegan, so as before I am going to start off following the pescatarian diet. I am doing a lot of research because I know that certain seafood carry high amounts of mercury and I can still enjoy vegetarian meals also. My first dinner is something affordable and easy to make in less than 30 minutes. PASTA.


* Pasta

* Grape tomatoes

* Spinach

* Sharp cheddar cheese

* Parmesan Cheese

* Vodka Pasta Sauce

* Salt

* Pepper

* Cajun Seasoning


1) Bring water to boil and add pasta, stir frequently and set timer for 9 min.( or follow instructions on pasta package)

2) Strain pasta and save some of the pasta water.

3) pour sauce in a pan and add the pasta and tomatoes

4) Season to taste and add the spinach

5) Add Cheddar cheese and stir the pasta.

6) Plate your pasta and add Parmesan cheese as a topping.

7) ENJOY! 🍝

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