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It’s okay to take a break.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Look, it’s a lot going on and that’s an understatement obviously. I swear everyday I open up the Daily Mail or Instagram it’s news after news of a black King or Queen losing their life to either police brutality or being lynched. It is 2020 right? This is really something that I just typed and that’s such a freakin burden to realize. The anxiety has been real lately, not only with the fight to turn around social injustices around the country/world, but also working as a nurse during Covid-19, and this month is the one year anniversary of my Cousin Ryan’s passing. Mermaid, we can get through this, we gotta put our trust in God, and take it a day at a time. Also, when dealing with the anxieties of life, don’t forget a most important aspect: Self-Care.

It’s okay to take a break. Yep, that’s what I said, ITS OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK! Log off social media, delete the Daily Mail app, & do whatever it takes to disconnect you from the world. You know why? Because YOU come before anything, in order to care for the world you have to care for YOURSELF, and that’s totally okay.

Read a book. Personally I love books about the history around the world and Sci-fi. You may like self-help, romance, informative books, & etc. There are so many topics and worlds to get lost in for a good hour or more. If reading a book sounds intimidating to you, find a book that interests you and make a promise to yourself that you’ll read a minimum of a paragraph a day, you will then find yourself wanting to go for the next paragraph or even the next chapter. Escaping from reality through a book also makes you feel productive at the same time.

Staycation. Pack up your bags and literally drive right down the street for a day or two of relaxation. It could be by yourself, with friends, or with your bae, regardless, a staycation is a money saving way of having a new experience away from home without exactly leaving home. You following me here? Find a local hotel or even a city or two away and book it! (Don’t forget to bring disinfectant wipes to clean the room, we haven’t forgotten about this Covid.) As much as you might want to lavish out on this two day retreat, remember there is a pandemic going on and things are a bit different. 1) Don’t expect a coffee/tea maker. 2) Utensils, Cups, & Plates...yea don’t expect those either. 3) Complimentary breakfast is a no go. At least this is how it was when staying at a hotel in Hermosa beach, which I actually respected because that means that these hotels are doing their part in preventing the spread of the virus. Take cute pics, drink some wine, and take a dip in the spa bath.

Be creative. What that means is do something fun! Even something challenging! Always wanted to learn how to draw, or crochet? Maybe you always wanted to dig into the hobby of archery or starting a YouTube channel or even a blog. You do not have to stress over this, doing something creative does not have to be pressured into to the Instagram world and becoming “insta-famous.” Do this for YOU.

Okay so you’ve figured out how to care for yourself, now what? Get back to the grind, the movement, and start all over again. Just make sure to make time for yourself or else you will drive yourself crazy. This world is CRAY but it will be okay if you put your faith in God and take it one day at a time.

Next week I will be shouting out Black owned businesses for support and circulating the black dollar. If you have a business you would like to shout out, email me at and with an excerpt you would like me to write about the business. Stay safe, drink water, and be unapologetically you Mermaid.

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