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Why I Deleted My Starbucks App


Hey Mermaids, Let me be real with y’all…I love my coffee, and my green tea, especially from Starbucks. PLUS its Fall and its PSL season! But let me tell y’all why I deleted my Starbucks app, and will TRY my best to never to go back. I got an email from Starbucks saying that my app was hacked. I thought it was a scam mail but I checked my app anyway, and I noticed that my rewards card was deleted, but my other cards were still apart of the account. So I call the customer service line to see what was going on because the email gave no details. I was told on the phone call that my app was hacked in New York , meaning that whomever put money on my rewards card and spent it. So they got rid of my rewards card and put a regulars gift card as a replacement. Mind you, I was apart of the rewards to program since 2013, making it ten years now. She then said that my account wasn’t compromised anymore, and I asked for a new rewards card to be mailed to me, she made it difficult but eventually a new card was sent to me. So a week or so later, I notice that I have negative stars in my account. I immediately get worried, thinking that my account got hacked again. I check my email and saw nothing from Starbucks, so I call the customer service line. I was told on the call that too many stars was taken out of my account and that there was no suspicious activity. I explained that my account had been hacked before and that my trust with this app is now slim to none. Apparently the barista was suppose to take 20 stars out of the account and most likely took 200 out by accident. And accidents happen so I understand, but why is it the customer at fault for the barista’s mistake? He gave me my stars back, but i decided to delete my cards attached to the account and to not use the app at all because too much has gone on with the last few weeks and it has honestly stressed me out. SO, today I have decided that I am completely done with Starbucks and will instead support the cafes in my neighborhood. The customer service is exceptional, and my Pumpkin latte literally has a pumpkin shape foam that I could not get over. I love supporting small businesses, because I have one of my own and we have to support each other! So I am excited for this journey and will not be bothered by Starbucks antics.

Have a great day Mermaids!


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