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Disney-bound outfit Ideas

Last minute on what to wear to your next Disney Trip? I got it covered! Here are some fun ideas for your next Disney Bound.

What is Disney bounding? Disney Bounding is portraying a Disney Character without actually putting on a princess Dress. (Disney doesn't not allow adults to dress in costume, only for Oogie Boogie Bash, and even then there are restrictions) So here is a creative way to represent your favorite characters in your outfit!

  1. Princess Tiana

Keeping it cute and comfy is the way to go especially during winter and night visits to the parks.

2. Ariel

Ariel from the Kiss The Girl Scene is such a great outfit! It's that outfit where those who get it....get it! A simple white long sleeve with a blue skirt and black corset and there you go! Ofcourse I had to get the Ariel ears too 💕🧜🏽‍♀️

3. Dolores

Dolores doesn't get much love at the Parks, eventually I will bring this outfit to the parks, I was still cosplaying during the COVID times!

4. Whinnie The Pooh

One of my favorite and cozy outfits for Disneyland! I was hoping to run into Poohbear, but I saw my beloved Tigger and Eore this day!

5. Ahsoka Tano

My Latest bound is definitely my favorite. Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars! I love me some Star Wars and Galaxy Edge and Disneyland. So this bound was fun! Ears are found at the parks and ShopDisney!

I hope you like these ideas, more to come! And if you have any suggestions for me in Disneybound comment below! Have a fun bounding Mermaid!

-MermaidJordie 🧜🏽‍♀️

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