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Pucker Up!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you love lemonade this is the blog for you. First of all the name is everything, Pucker Up Lemonade Company has the most authentic & tasteful lemonade I have ever had. I would also like to mention that it is black owned and has a store front in Compton. They are always at events in the community also. I have seen them at a community fashion show, Taste of Soul, & recently at the MLK festival in Los Angeles.

I first went to their store front which is the cutest design EVER. It has a feel of summer once you walk inside and the owner is such a lovely person. They always show great customer service. So let’s get to these flavors! They have so many flavors and I promise you the peach cobbler taste exactly how it sounds. You can never go wrong with the blue raspberry and watermelon flavors & if you are against sugar as a sweetener they have agave as a substitute and it still tastes amazing! Just know that when have a booth outside of the store front they only have lemonade with sugar pre-made. This company makes the lemonade fresh. I literally saw them cut the watermelon in the back when I went to the store front. The prices are such a deal. You can get a regular cup as shown in the pictures for $5 & a reusable cup for $10 & refills are $3! I always forget my reusable cup, and I that is something I will work on, because it is totally worth it during hot days and chilled days like during the MLK festivities. Go to for more information and make sure to stop by for some iced cold lemonade!

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